Dunno how to dress for sunny weather

Just reattached my stockings to my suspender belt outside a Catholic Church. Sticking to my catholic roots.




sext: i want to pay bills and share household duties and approach our late 20’s in a financially and emotionally stable way with you

Why do you hate the john green thing? Just curious.
- Anonymous


because fuck john green

  • he’s creepy as fuck. he does this weird thing where he fetishizes nerdy girls and shit. and it’s very fucking creepy to characterize young women when you’re, like, 40. and misogynistic. all the girls in the books are supposed to be these cutesy ass bookworm bitches that are lowkey sexy and probably wanna do shit like ride dick to a white-washed blues song. i’m not with it. and there’s nothing wrong with that, but when you look down on other women, or female-identifying people, you’re a piece of shit.
  • all of his characters are pretentious as fuck. what fucking teenager with cancer takes a cigarette out and walks around with it in between his lips without smoking it? like, if you’re going to go through this whole spiel about metaphors and shit, you can cancel that, because you literally just paid for… nevermind. nawl. fuck it.
  • all his books seem like a damn (500) days of summer, perks of being a wallflower, twilight ass mashup. anyone can predict what the fuck is going to happen by looking at the damn cover. some whiny ass white boy living in a boring world finds a white girl with the Emma Watson haircut reading a book or some shit and she has something unique about her (i don’t know, something that’s wild ableist and insensitive to write in a book, say, cancer), and he falls in love with her, instantly puttin her on a pedestal. they listen to the smiths and scoff at people who play Migos, call themselves misanthropes, run through the city and eat deli sandwiches in the park, then kiss in an alleyway. somewhere in the book, green will trash the girl (maybe she moves, or she dies, or something), and then the boy moves on with wispy eyes and a hard stare with a cigarette tucked behind his ear that he never lights.
  • he’s one of those pseudo-intellectual assholes that thinks that people with a certain kind of smarts are better than those who aren’t seen as conventionally smart (conventionally smart meaning the “white” kind of smart: perfectly enunciated words, coiled up, reading a book while pushing a pair of glasses up their nose, and containing a lot of angst about the world around them because everyone is “devolving into an idiot”)
  • plus, he’s just a ugly nerdass and i don’t care for him or any of his damn work to be on my dashboard. go read something better. fuck that christmas lights in your bedroom ass nigga.




Session tracks with PAWS from January 2012

this boy that i hold hands with occasionally has started a proper ace blog to along with his show full of totally great sessions like THIS ONE BY PAWS FROM 2012 it’s vintage paws.

there’s other cool stuff like a twilight sad session and randolph’s leap and loads of good radio shows (i’m even on one of them!!! and i’m excellent). you should go and check it out right now.


I have the worst most horrible throbbing toothache so I can’t sleep even though I’m super tired and B is snorin super loud and we’ve been together long enough now for me to stop findin it cute an actually just get really annoyed

Me n B are sat watching Jeopardy (that CBBC show about Scottish kids that go looking for aliens in Australia). It is amazing.

When I was little my grandad used to say that whenever my fringe covered my eyes I was a Wensleydale sheep.

I am having the biggest strop about my computer. Yesterday I gave it to the apple store to fix and I’m pissed off that it’s broken and that the guy in the shop was such a bellend (he must have asked like 6 times if I’d spilt anything on it and then only started to believe that I hadn’t when he opened the back) and I would quite like to be able to have my laptop but no it had to break for no reason. I’m going home a week tomorrow and if I don’t have it by then I will be fuming.

I’m in a very bad mood about this whole thing so am refusing to go to the library and do work on their computers so am just sitting in a huff.


A Highland Coo and her calf wandering down an empty road, Argyll and the Isles, Scotland. Credit: Andy Maclachlan.


A Highland Coo and her calf wandering down an empty road, Argyll and the Isles, Scotland. Credit: Andy Maclachlan.


Mac still being unresponsive so I’m gonna go through to Glasgow tomorrow morning (mmmm that means I can get pinto the best burrito place ever) and maybe go to mono as well as the apple store. Such a pain in the arse. Seriously though Edinburgh is the capital of a country and doesn’t have an apple store, it’s bullshit.

I just wanna watch drag race and it’s annoying on my phone screen :(

ribble valley girls

i'm rachel and i'm a bi feminist living in scotland. i only really care about harry styles and beyonce. everything else is irrelevant.
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